Volunteer Appreciation

It takes the help of over 1100 volunteers to make our program possible. Over 44 people are needed every day to deliver all of the routes. These volunteers not only give of their time but also use their own vehicles and pay for their own gasoline. These volunteers are truly the “wheels” of Meals on Wheels so it is very important to us that we recognize and reward their efforts whenever possible.

Annual Appreciation Reception

This event is held each year in April. Awards will be given to those who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and even 35 years of volunteer service (now that is commitment!) Volunteers and their guests will be treated to a fun evening and a new theme every year. They will enjoy a wonderful dessert, door prizes, and hopefully realize how much we appreciate all they do to make our community a better place to live.

APRIL 20, 2012

Appreciation Dinner

Summer Social

A week-long luau-themed event held every July in which Lubbock Meals on Wheels volunteers are invited back to the office for lunch after completing their deliveries. Hot dogs and beverages are provided and volunteers are encouraged to bring their favorite side dish.

Christmas Lunches
A week-long event held every December in which Lubbock Meals on Wheels volunteers are invited back to the office for lunch after completing their deliveries. A different soup will be served daily along with delicious cornbread and beverages.


2011 - 30 Years of Service

Jean Hartman & Ellie Bartholomew

2011 - 25 Years of Service

Not Pictured: Ann Gilmer & Greg Mason

2011 - 20 Years of Service

David McAlexander
Not Pictured: Sunny Shaver

2011 - 15 Years of Service

R. D. & Hemlata Mehta, Cookie Noland & Natu Patel

Not Pictured: Pat Blanton, Celton & Ernie Farley, Charles Harris, Jackie Henderson, Claudier Kelley, John Nelson, Joyce & Walter Rinehart.


2011 - 10 Years of Service

Joanna Rickard & Irene Thames

Not Pictured: Jill Axton, Brenda Bobo, Sabrina Fair, Stacey Ferris, Johnny & Sue Franklin, Shirley Gentry-Moran, Doug Hay, Lesli Hyatt, Lea Jenkins, Sally Jones, Rebekka Larrentree, Harold Love, Jewel Love, Keith Mann, Bob Matthews, Michael Osornio, Jere Smith, Phillip Stewart, Mandy Tomlin, Betty Warren, Tom Weis, & Arlan & Barbara Womble


2011 – Volunteer of the Year

Gene Henry

2011 - Top 15 Volunteers

Shirley & Buck Nash, Gene Henry, Jim Newsom, Doug Aldridge, & Kathy Graham

Not Pictured: Joyce Cantrell, Jay Dial, Mary Mutai-Hearn, Evelyn Gray, Loyd Johnson, Bruce & Joan Callender, Sunny Shaver, & Mary Cunningham



2011 – Above & Beyond Volunteer of the Year

Mike McKaskle